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1. Film and Movie Location Scouting

Does one of the locations we have visited fits your need, contact us and we can put you in contact with the location owner.


2. Property Marketing

We are always looking for new locations to explore. We love exploring abandoned, derelict, vacant, or hidden places. If it has character, we want to photograph it.

Commercial Buildings | Roofs | Basements | Tunnels | Bunkers | Churches | Schools | Theaters | Houses | Barns | Silos | Industrial Ruins

Do you have a unique property with lots of character? We will come out and document our explorations. We will share this content via social media but keep the location secret. When contacted by potential buyers, lessees, and location scouts we will provide them your contact information. We can also provide liability waivers to ensure you are not liable for our visit.


3. Professional Inquiries

Want to Sponsor our content or something else?


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