We opened our gear bags to share our urban exploring gear. Check out the gear we use to get the shot and stay safe. No picture is worth risking your one life when it is so easy to wear the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


Protect your lungs by picking up a 3M respirator mask with P100 filters. Suitable for most explorations and very inexpensive. Will protect against particles such as mold and asbestos. Will not protect against gases so it may be a good idea to grab a set of carbon filters also.

DIY GoPro Bump Cap Hat Mount

In this video, I show you how to make a GoPro bump cap hat that not only protects your head but also allows you to film your urban explorations with a head mounted GoPro. We use this method to document 100% if our urbex adventures. Using an open frame housing on the GoPro also allows for decent audio recording. This setup would also be great for various other outdoor sports like fishing, hiking, or rock climbing. Check out our link below to everything you will need to make your own bump cap GoPro mount.

Here is what you will need to make your own