We share our most interesting explorations here! From cool artifacts to the untouched properties, we will post our stories here.

Creepy Abandoned School House | Eldridge, ND

The locals always know where to explore Following a local tip, I explore an original 1800's wooden school house and its replacement brick school house built in 1917. Both left abandoned. Also on the property, an abandoned playground and Ford truck left untouched....

Urban Exploring an Abandoned Concrete Factory in Ohio

We explore the long tunnels and the high bridge. Today we explore an abandoned cement or concrete factory in Ohio. The site was open and you could just walk right in. The property includes 24 silos estimated at 80 feet tall. The 2 sets of silos are connected by a...

Cool old company logos

Check out our gallery of cool vintage company logos and nameplates we have found while urban exploring. Check back often as we will continually add new photos of vintage company logos and equipment nameplates found on our...

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 See what the steel wool spinners in Dayton are up to. Light painting throughout the city. #GEMCITYSPINNERS