The Explorer’s rules we live by

1. Never break anything in order to enter. If we don’t have permission or cannot just walk/climb in then find another place to explore.

2. Never take anything. We often find cool antiques that we have to leave right where we found them. This way the next explorers can enjoy the experience the same way we did. Remember, theft is theft.

3. Always be safe. We explore in groups and utilize the proper safety gear. Masks with particulate and carbon filters are critical. We also wear bump-caps. Check out our gear section for links. You are responsible for your own safety. Never rush. Urban exploring is dangerous. Poor or impaired judgment can get you killed.

4. Vandalism is never acceptable. While we appreciate all forms of art, we will not be partaking or exploring with anyone that does.

Exploring Tips

1. Always wear pants. Poison Ivy and Poison Oak is itchy and really sucks. 

2. Wells are everywhere and some houses have more than one. Don’t go falling in one. 

3. Exploring after a rain makes walking through the woods silent. 

4. Take the proper gear to stay safe and protect yourself. Check out recommended gear HERE.

5. Be professional and respectful. There will come a time when you are approached by someone that does not appreciate you exploring a property. This can be a property owner, neighbor, security officer, or the police. You want to differentiate yourself from those unsavory trespassers that vandalize and steal. Dress nice, be polite and accept that you are exploring someone else’s property.