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Our Dayton, Ohio based urban exploring crew has a passion for adventure and history.  Documenting our adventures let our followers relive the stories of the past with us. Check out our Explorer’s Bible for the rules we live by and tips if you want to go on an adventure yourself. 

If you are intrigued by the unknown and the thought of exploring the wildest of abandoned properties, keep in mind how much work goes into finding and executing an exploration. Urban exploring is dangerous so we insist that it be left to the professionals. If you still want to go on your own adventure, check out our Explorer’s Bible for the rules we live by and tips if you want to go on an adventure yourself. 


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Most Recent Adventures

Dayton SUPERMOTO Adventure | Urban Exploring Ohio

Join us for our annual Halloween Supermoto ride in Dayton Ohio. Taking a tour of Abandoned Places. We explore Dayton's secret abandoned places on motorcycles. Would you rather have supermoto, minimoto, or dual sport for this adventure? Urban exploring is even more fun...

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ABANDONED 1860s Victorian Mansion | Ohio Urbex

      There are very view Victorian Mansions in Ohio and we were lucky enough to visit this one. Enjoy! This spectacular abandoned Victorian Mansion Is located in southern Ohio. It was built in the mid-1850s to 1860s but the actual date is unclear. The house is 4600...

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Professional Inquiries

Film and Movie Location Scouting:

Does one of the locations we have visited fits your need, contact us and we can put you in contact with the location owner.

Location/Property Marketing:

Do you have a unique property with lots of character? We will come out and document our explorations. We will share this content via social media but keep the location secret. When contacted by potential buyers, lessees, and location scouts we will provide them with your contact information.