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We get a glimpse into one of the last Abandoned Bowling Alleys in Dayton. 


Bowlero Lanes
3495 W Siebenthaler Ave
Dayton, OH 45406

Sometimes scouting turns into an exploration. The bowling alley is under new ownership, Mt Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, located next door. The church has been gutting the building and removing almost all signs that a bowling alley. Just a few partially intact lanes, misc equipment, a handful of balls, and a bathroom full of bowling balls is all that is left. Our tour guide explained how they found the building. Vandalism and water damage had taken its toll. Public records show a long history of delinquent taxes and police run-ins both inside and outside.

Mt Calvary is currently working to convert the building into a community center that will be great for the community. Stay tuned for details on the property by following MT Calvery Church on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mtcalvarynation/. Mt Calvary Church has a proven record of converting abandoned Dayton buildings into something amazing. Just look at their church located just in front of the bowling alley. They successfully converted the old Cinema North Theatre (Fox North) into a beautiful place of worship. We cannot wait to see what they do with the old Bowlero Building.

Thanks Shawn for giving us an impromptu tour before all bowling alley remnants are removed!

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  1. i grew up in this bowling alley. my mom worked here and i soon worked here and bowled leagues here every single day. i miss it dearly. a ton of memories flooded through my head seeing these pictures. i still have a key to building lol.

  2. I’m trying to locate a Carl Clemmons who bowled at Bowlero in Dayton Ohio. He was a great friend to my husband. Would love to see him again!


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