Found naked woman tied to a column while exploring

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We all have our hobbies. Some more unconventional than others. This is the story of some friends we met during an exploration.

So this happened yesterday. A buddy and I go to check out a cool local abandoned property. About 80 years old right by the railroad tracks. Wood beam construction. Walk in and there was an attractive woman in her 30s naked tied to a column.

So let’s start from the beginning. We pull up to the front entrance to this place and we see two people carrying a bunch of what looks like camping gear and after a discussion about if they’re homeless or not, we concluded that they are not homeless because they would not have camping gear. We make eye contact and they keep walking and we keep driving. We found parking spot knowing that we can take a trail to the property. We parked next to another car and figured it was theirs and they were just exploring. We hike it to the building and walk in on the two people. I firmly believe they were more nervous than we were at the first encounter being that one was subdued. I quickly realized that it was a photo shoot and it wasn’t camping gear it was photography gear and while I don’t fully understand the art form I do respect it. I told him we are just exploring like they are and will stay out of their hair. We explored the rest of the property and they actually welcomed us to explore the room they were in we did while respecting their privacy. We later came across them fully clothed walking the property and had a nice conversation. It’s nice to meeting people from all walks of life even if it’s a little awkward. If you’re The naked girl tied to the pole or the guy taking her picture hit us up sometimes even if it’s just for a more wholesome exploration.

Follow up: This story generated enough interest on social media that we have been contacted by our new friends and continue to stay in touch.

Check out exploring log on REDDIT for in-depth commentary.

Video of the exploration with no mention of our new friends is above.

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