Abandoned Historical Bowling Alley

by | 9:11 pm | Bowling Alley, Ohio

This 1940 abandoned bowling alley shut its doors and left everything years ago!

We urban explore an Abandoned Bowling Alley, Mccook Bowl. This historic Ohio bowling alley was built in 1940. Famous for 44 lanes without a post and Frigidaire Air Conditioning. They left everything inside including bowling trophies, bowling shoes, bowling balls, bowling sign (Royal Z Lanes), bowling leader board, and so much more vintage bowling memorabilia. A throwback to 1940s Ohio History.

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  1. I was a bartender in this bowling alley. It’s a shame it closed and was abandoned. It used to be an awesome place.

    • What year did it close?

    • Diana did I know you? I ran the place after Leo Z passed away I left in 1994 when my son was Born

  2. hmmmm it closed in the late 1990’s early 2000’s the bowling ally was always full I knew every spot that was shown on the film I worked in the bar and in the back pin chasing and ran the place for years quitting in 1994 I knew the name ya mentioned on the wall sheli bowling she was a good bowling my wife shot her 2nd 300 one year there being 2 months preggo man louie and leo zavakos must be turning over in theyre resting places knowing its like it is sigh im not dead yet and im sick see’ing it like that. man it was a great place when I met my other half id never say “im going to work” id say im leaving going to the bowling ally

    for the guys taping……. when the place was built it was the largest bowling ally in the world with supporting posts across the lanes it was 1st bowling ally to offer summer bowling in dayton having A/C it was the 1st bowling ally the WIBC bowled national championship using automictic pin setters

    BTW that pic of the older gentleman you show was Nick Manos :o) he was a great guy who used to carry greek cookies MMMMMMMMM

    • Hello! Me and some friends are planning on visiting! We have a few questions if you wouldn’t mind answering? 1. Do you know why this place was abandoned? It seemed like a good, running bowling alley. It also just seemed like it was abandoned so suddenly!

  3. Opps! largest “without” supporting posts across lanes

  4. I bowled on a league here august 1987 to may 1988 with talmage (nick), vicky, and mitch on our team. it was a bustling place. have no idea why it would have been abandoned.

  5. I remember that place well. I used to bowl there in high school traveling league from 1980-1983. What a shame it looks like that now.


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