Exploring a Huge Abandoned Catholic Church in Ohio | Italian Architecture

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Today we are visiting this enormous Abandoned Catholic Church built over 100 years ago. The Holy Rosary Church is an old Italian design.

The Holy Rosary Church is an old Italian architecture and design. On the property also sits an 1845 brick home that served as the church’s rectory. The rector was a priest in charge of the parish. There is also a large abandoned school on the property. This video is our exploration of the church and the one to follow will be the school so make sure you subscribe to see both. So we are inside this large sanctuary.

Special thanks to the church’s pastors for providing us access to this spectacular place. Church services are no longer being held in this sanctuary. The church moved to a smaller sanctuary in this building and then later moved services off-site.

You can see the ceiling fans and we were told there is a crazy catwalk above the sanctuary and bell tower we will be sure to check out. The interior of this church has a beautiful façade with so much detail and beautiful painting. Time, temperature, and water damage has caused this detail to crack and deteriorate. The far wall has taken the brunt of the damage. One key feature of this abandoned property is the beautiful stained glass. Let’s check it out!

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