Exploring a Abandoned 1990s Hair Salon – Urbex Ohio

by | 2:32 am | Barber Shop, Hair Salon, Location, Ohio, United States

This forgotten 1990s hair salon and barber shop sits abandoned and unchanged. I cannot believe the hooded dryer chairs still work.

While scouting for new places to explore in Ohio we stumbled across this small ivy-covered building. We were intrigued so we peeked into the windows and found a 1990s hair salon untouched and forgotten. These are the type of abandoned places we strive to uncover. It is like walking back in time. The paint was pale pink and the floor was forest green. 

This abandoned hair salon located in Ohio was recently purchased and is being gutted to be converted into an office or retail space.

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  1. It wasn’t easy but I did my research and found this location by looking at the picture of the old sign !


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