Exploring an Abandoned Dry Cleaners with Everything Inside | OHIO HISTORY

by | 2:25 am | Dry Cleaners, Location, Ohio, United States

Long time Dayton Area dry cleaners abandoned with everything left inside including clothing ready for pickup and equipment.

Today we explored this abandoned Dry Cleaners in Dayton, Ohio. We believe Phillips Cleaners opened in 1961 based on state records but it may have been earlier because this property was build in 1937. The business closed around 2013 as the neighborhood had declined over the years. No one has paid taxes on this derelict property since 2010.

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  1. Phillips dry cleaning! That was my grandpa’s! Herman Phillips RIP

    • What happened that it was left w everything still in it??

  2. Amazing are you guy buying this building or have you brought it already?

  3. I could’ve sworn this closed waaaay earlier than 2013. Could’ve sworn it’s been abandoned since the 90s.


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