Abandoned Trolley Station in Ohio | Urban Exploring (2020)

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Today we explored this abandoned trolley station in Ohio. A forgotten piece of Dayton railway and trolley history. Someone should save it! Urban exploring AKA Urbex is a great way to uncover abandoned places.

This abandoned trolley station and car barn was home to Dayton’s first streetcar line built-in 1869 by the Dayton Street Railway Company. It was the cities first mode of public transportation at the time and operated horse-drawn streetcars. The Dayton Street Railroad Company would go on to compete with other railway companies such as the Wayne and Fifth Street Railway Company, the Oakwood Street Railway, and the Dayton View Railway. In 1888 one of their competitors, People’s Railway started the first electric line that ran on powered tracks.

The first automobile won’t arrive in Dayton until 1900. In 1933 the first trolley coaches were bought by the Dayton Street Railway company only to have all 12 burn up in a carbarn fair at another facility in Dayton. They went on to change there name to Dayton Street Transit Company and be the first to operate Trolley Buses. In 1941 the City Railroad Company purchased the Dayton Street Car Company and then in 1945 purchased the People’s Railway Company.

Electric trolley buses that ran on overhead lines were introduced in 1947 overhead lines. The City Transit Company purchases the remaining private railway companies in 1956 and then in 1972 the Public Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority was created, AKA RTA. A new facility was built on Longworth Street at that time and this trolley station sits abandoned.

Our favorite part of urban exploration is uncovering abandoned places in Ohio and beyond that have an important history that needs to be remembered.

Dayton Trolley History: http://www.daytontrolleys.net/drhs/drhs.htm
Photos: Andrew Hershner
Photos: https://daytonhistory.pastperfectonline.com/

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