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Someone should save this beautiful abandoned mansion in Cincinnati Ohio before it is gone.

We explored this abandoned mansion in Cincinnati, Ohio that was built in 1895. This beautiful stone castle-like mansion was built for George Dittman who owned a Shoe Manufacturing Company in Cincinnati. In 1990s the property was converted into a nursing home. The home in the Avondale Neighborhood was condemned on September 24, 2012. This home is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places as the Mary A. Wolfe House but this was due to a mixup.

It is a shame that this historical property is can make it on the registry of historic places but not be saved.

To read the full story check out the link in the description to the Digging Cincinnati Article.

Also, know as:
Mary A. Wolfe House build by the Samuel Hannaford Firm
1888 Romanesque

Property Information and historical write-up:

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  1. It was converted to be a nursing home. The news just announced its demolition. http://bit.ly/2LICiYJ


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