Urban Exploring an Abandoned Concrete Factory in Ohio

by | 1:59 pm | Commercial, Ohio

We explore the long tunnels and the high bridge.

Today we explore an abandoned cement or concrete factory in Ohio. The site was open and you could just walk right in. The property includes 24 silos estimated at 80 feet tall. The 2 sets of silos are connected by a steel bridge and several long tunnels. You can access all of the buildings via the tunnel system that fed material from the silos to the processing buildings. There was some amazing light painting under the silos also. The site is very deteriorated. Even sections of the concrete structure are collapsing. While we were visiting a group of teenagers arrived and began throwing items from the top floor of the building. They had no safety gear and were reckless. Part of me wishes the site was more secure as it would deter many from vandalizing. That was that sign that it was time for us to leave.

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