Found 2 Guns in a Drainage Tunnel | Urban Exploring | Called Police

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No one is going to believe we found 2 guns in tunnel

While doing some urban exploring of an old barn we found a drainage tunnel to explore. After walking for 20 minutes we find the first of 2 pistols on the tunnel floor. 10 minutes later we find the second gun on the tunnel floor. Both guns were very rusted and had been tossed into the gutter into the sewer. Because the firearms were so heavy they eventually stopped where we found them. We originally believed the guns were toys or cap guns because we were in disbelief. Both pistols are real 22 caliber revolvers. Not knowing what to do with the guns I called my cousin, a police officer. He recommended we call the Dayton Police. I did and met the officer in his jurisdiction. The guns were turned over to the Dayton police. We also found loads of silverware, knives, auto parts, and a huge train wheel. Let us know how you think the train wheel got down in the drainage tunnel.

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