Full Immersion Baptism in an Abandoned Church

by | 7:22 pm | Churches, Ohio

Huge Abandoned Baptismal Pool. Let’s dive in!

This church is left abandoned in Dayton, Ohio. Wide open and tax delinquent. Looks like this will soon become a homeless camp once they realize it is open. Glad we got to check out the huge Baptismal Pool. No Baptism today. There is still stained glass unbroken. The Jesus Mural was also a nice touch. Sad to see this family church rotting away. If you are looking for a church for sale in Dayton here you go.

Style: It’s a CHURCH
Property Features: Stained Glass, Pews, religious stuff, Jesus Mural
Location: Dayton, Ohio


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  1. Hey a friend and I are interested in checking out the abandoned church with the Baptismal Pool in Dayton. We are college students who are new to this site and are getting into urban exploration and were wondering if you would be able to share the directions to this place. We would keep the directions confidential of course. Thanks!
    – Ryan

  2. Great explore guys and that church is really in good condition for the most part I would love to come do an explore there an check it out as well would you mind letting me know where it is? I wont of course give it out I am out west right now on a winter vacation but will be coming back to ohio soon you have my email this is rick/richard keep up the good explores an I have a good location I will send you that I got to check out before I left for vacation one last hurah before it got cold hehe thanks an keep sadfe out there



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