Abandoned Eccentric Custom House in Dayton, Ohio

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What we found in this crazy custom house left us with so many questions.

While scouting for locations in Dayton Ohio we saw this weird brick house where someone glued wood to the exterior brick which is odd but not totally crazy. Upon further inspection, we saw a bubble window and that sealed the deal. We must see what is inside. All of the windows are round and there are 2 huge skylights cut in the ceiling. It was hard to find a consistent theme but I believe it was Nautical because of the round windows, rope on the second floor, and the homemade pipe ladder with steps. The second floor was not the only place in the home that got our attention. The first floor had what looks to be a pool but a small odd one, a huge creepy painting, and a crazy steel spiral exhaust.

Year Built: 1940
Style: Contemporary, Naval architecture, and Custom Built
Property Features: Spiral Staircase, Marine Ladder, Bubble and Round Windows, Pool, and Artwork.


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