ABANDONED 1860s Victorian Mansion | Ohio Urbex

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There are very view Victorian Mansions in Ohio and we were lucky enough to visit this one. Enjoy!

This spectacular abandoned Victorian Mansion Is located in southern Ohio. It was built in the mid-1850s to 1860s but the actual date is unclear. The house is 4600 ft.² and has 17 rooms. The basement is also large and connects to the garage. There is also a large attic with stairs that go into the Widow’s Peak. The ceilings range from ~10 to ~14 feet. This combined with the beautiful woodwork make this a one of a kind location.


2020 Visit – 4K

2017 Original Visit – Video at https://youtu.be/uts72dWTxq0

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  1. Hey love you guys you guys have such same passion of exploring and history enthusiasm as I do and such great passion on keeping are historical sites and history itself alive I appreciate your work great video keep it up as one urban explorer to another a historian buff as your selves and I you guys give me such great leads and I’d love to share some of mine with you as well but I do have to ask to a guy that aprisates perserving and keeping it alive I have to ask wear oh wear is the 1860 maby lil earlier the Victorian mansion I have to no like iv been hunting for that place for months and I only have a couple leads to go off and just that it’s in southern ohio are great state that place I have to see and witness in person and take many pics for are family’s to come I do have places for you to see Knox county the poor house it’s called aka the house of nightmares but also I have a great one hard to find no one now about its alliance ohio must check out about 5 miles from union st out past mountain union college near ther but I can give further details of my shared if you’d like and I much appreciate sharing lil info back and forth again thankyou for all that you do and keep posting I’m a big fan subscribe member of your since you started to post but I thankyou again this long ass email lol but agin thankyou if you could reach out to me be great !

    your friend …


    • Love this. As an older lady I have love for old homes. would you be so kind as to give the location so I might contact the owner for permission to see it in person if it still exists.
      Thank you so much for filming this beautiful home.

  2. I need info on wear this the 1860s Victorian mansion is help please been looking for months can you help me to one history buff and appreciation of the good historical values that are younger generations miss I’d love to be able show my young ones wht used to be when something of a house was so grand and engineering was top charts but I’d love to share my info on many places to explore but please get back to me no matter wht I’d sure appreciate it bc my leads are gone and all I got is southern ohio still but thankyou agin for wht you do big fan
    you friend
    cheeks the urbenexplorer

  3. hey guys. me and my 2 friends are 18 and okder but we live in ohio and we are trying to find places to explore. we found a few small places. but if you could give me the locstion of this beautiful mansion for us to photograpgh and document that would be greatly apreciated. we absolutley do not vandalise anything or publish the location if we are provided with one.

  4. I just discovered your website and love your work! This mansion is beautifully decayed, would you be willing to let me know where it’s located? I’d love to see it for myself.

  5. Have you found any info on P.E. Fultz? Did he once live in the mansion?

    • I found out through some serious digging that:

      *Richard Hummel (1968-1969) was an Agriculture grad from OSU – so it would make sense that he lived on this farm and possibly was working the land.

      The current owner registered the home/property with Three Valley Conservation Trust in 2006. My guess is that they are more interested in agricultural assets than the home itself. Looks like it was also rented out and the renters let it fall into disrepair (which you’ve stated abandoned the property in 2004).

      PE Fultz is I believe Paxson E Fultz – he and his family are buried in the cemetery not too far from here. (the original owner of the home is also buried in that same cemetery…)
      Leonard Fitzwater can also be tied to the area — so I think it’s safe to say that, yes, they probably did all live there. For how long though… I don’t know… yet.

  6. Spent many a summer day at this house. It was amazing in its day. Sad to see that another amazing house is dying in such a sad way. It was rumored to be part of the Underground Railroad. I haven’t been there in over 40 years. Just a piece of advise. Contact land owner before entering property, for anyone who is looking for this. Thank you for this video. Stirred many fond memories of my past.

    • do you know who owns this land? I would absolutely love to see it for myself, it is the perfect time of year. however I don’t want to go without permission.

  7. Behind the furnace to your left side are loose red brick there

  8. I would love to visit the 1860s mansion in southern Ohio who owns it? And do you think I would get permission to visit it?


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