Exploring Creepy Abandoned Hospital near Wroclaw Poland

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This HUGE ABANDONED HOSPITAL is the size of a small city with a theater, church, pool, dorms, and store. 

Legnica Hospital Hospital in Polish is Szpital
Abandoned in Polish is Opuszczony
Capacity: 650 Patients
Highlights: Huge Pool, Church, Morgue, Autopsy Room, Theater, etc

This military hospital was built in 1929 by the Germans. It was overtaken by the Soviets after World War 2. It as then abandoned in 1993. The hospital is located in Southwestern Poland in a town called Legnica (Pronounced Liegnitz). This part of Poland is called Lower Silesia. It is an easy drive from Krakow, Wroclaw, and Warsaw.

Poland is a beautiful county that we highly recommend for not just urban exploring abandoned places but also for a more conventional European vacation.


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